We have been learning about poetry, and having fun making our own limericks. They have a five line structure where lines 1,2 and 5 rhyme and have the same number of syllables, while lines 3 and 4 rhyme with each other and also have the same number of syllables.

Here are some we created as a class.

Our class limerick about a digger named Bill.

Our class limerick about Ned Kelly.

Can you think of your own funny limericks? Post them here to share.

8 thoughts on “Limericks

  1. There once was a trooper named Bob
    Who never shut up his big gob
    He was given the cane
    For being insane
    And now all he needs is a job

  2. There once was a digger named Brad,
    who was a very bad lad.
    He broke his poor head,
    ended up in a bed.
    And that was the end of young Brad.

  3. There once was a digger named Tom
    Who got in the way of a bomb
    He tried to find gold
    But was way too old
    He was such a silly old pom

  4. There once was a digger named Greg,
    Who lived in an oversized egg,
    He fell out of bed
    And hit his poor head,
    And that was the end of young greg.

  5. There once was a bushranger Meg,
    Who had a very long leg.
    She snapped it bad twice,
    It wasn’t that nice.
    And now she is left with a peg.

  6. There once was a miner named Jack.
    Who had a very sore back.
    He made a bad joke
    And ended up broke
    And his boss then gave him the sack.

  7. Wow, what fantastic limericks everyone! Keep them coming :) I created a new one myself this afternoon about our book character Limpy.

    There once was a Limpy cane toad,
    Whose rellies lay squashed on the road.
    He said “Oh stack me!
    I want to be free,
    I’m sick of still hauling this load.”

  8. There once was a bushranger Ned,
    Who had a large metal head.
    He robbed and he robbed,
    But then he was mobbed
    And that was the end of poor Ned!

    There once was a digger named Rod,
    Who thought that he was a god.
    He was very old,
    But he found lots of gold
    And never gave bushrangers the nod.

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